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I’m a UX & Media Designer

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For 15 years I have been designing user experiences & multimedia. My passion is for creating engaging & entertaining products that make life more enjoyable. My areas of expertise are user research, persona & scenario creation, low & high fidelity prototyping, visual design and animation. Let’s work together!


Major Skills

UX Generalist

User Research & Testing


Low & High Fidelity Prototyping

Front-End & Visual Design

Animation & Motion Graphics

Examples of Work

My Work

User Experience Design

As a UX generalist & expert, I work with management, design & development to advocate and enact user centered design. I conduct user research by finding varied pools of users, schedule & conduct user interviews, as well as documenting my observations and findings. With the documentation in hand I perform proper user analysis, process the findings into easy to digest visuals, and then through these visuals provide recommendations, timelines and courses of action. These recommendations allow me to create successful low & high fidelity prototypes, interactive prototypes, and wireframes. Via iterative design cycles I can rapidly produce, implement, test & refine solutions.

Animation & Motion Graphics

I utilize many of the same skills in animation as I do in UX design. On a base level it’s a method of storytelling. Animated characters & user personas, scenes & user scenarios, storyboards… the main difference is in animation I get to draw whacky characters and write more creative scripts. A selection of my animations can be found in my Animation Reel below.

Art & Visual Design

Creating digital art allows me to stay current with the latest tools, software and digital design trends while I am engaged with projects not related to visual design. I find inspiration while browsing art & design focused social media and tutorial sites. When projects allow, I incorporate my own digital art assets into visual & graphic designs such as CD covers, comic book & YouTube videos. Check out SpaceDiscJockey.com for more of my digital art & music.

UI & Visual Design

Early in my career I produced web, UI & visual designs based on discussions with management teams and direct contact with clients. Designs are usually data driven, rapidly produced via iterative design methods, and styled following current design trends. I have utilized fluid and responsive designs that adapt to various devices and their viewports. Knowledge of HTML, CSS & Web Programing allows me to create practical and thought out solutions to visual design problems in the Adobe CC.

Graphic Design

I view graphic design as visual problem solving, implementing techniques I have learned throughout my UX career. Despite often being static designs (sometimes solely for print), I still utilize information architecture, card-sorting, sketching and wireframing. Graphic design projects often follow modern design trends, quickly becoming dated. Even though the aesthetic aspect of graphic design changes day to day, iterative processes still hold true allowing the rapid creation of deliverables.

Contact & Social

Contact & Social